Impruneta Cotto

02/12/2013 18:40

The Land of Impruneta, also known as the turquoise ground, owes its name to the earth rich in blue-violet colored minerals and organic materials that are plentiful in the area of Impruneta, a small town near Florence. In addition to being incredibly warm in color and texture, this clay  is resistant to thermal shock and ideal for objects that are placed outdoors in gardens or terraces also in Nordic countries.

There are five stages of production : harvesting and milling , processing, drying, cooking , dampening . Namely earth, water, air, fire , the four elements that Aristotle , seconded by skilled craftsmen , come together to give the man produced so useful and as strong as extraordinarily beautiful.

Sometimes , depending on the work to be done , I apply the method of " work around" , ancient technique in which the mold , usually made of clay , the clay is added with the method " in pigeons " from the outside .