Marl is my passion

02/12/2013 17:30

This material, the basic element for the production of terracotta from Impruneta, is mainly extracted from quarries near Impruneta , near Florence , and in the valleys of the rivers Ema and Greve, this particular land is characterized by the presence of small grains in the dough and niches. Once cooked , this clay takes on a raw material and a color and soft and warm.

It's ideal for products to be put out because it resistant to thermal shocks and the extremely cold winter temperatures. Whether it is of terracotta pots small, whether it is of great pitchers and basins , you get the best final result from the aesthetic point of view, but also resistance to the elements.

The marl has a consistency and a very warm color . It's a land rustic, unpretentious, simple and comfortable, with shades ranging from pale white to pink and is suitable for all types of furniture.