Kids toys in natural materials Emil’s sword

26/06/2015 17:08

I began to work on a series of customized toys made out of natural materials.
The first is a sword, both the blade and main body are in sessile oak and the grip is lined in leather.

The sword is customized and the child’s name is both on the box and engraved in the leather grip. A story has also been written to go along with the toy. Whoever will receive the gift will be part of the story, just like the names of whoever decided to make the present. This is why I call both the toy and the story customized, you can basically decide which characters will be part of the story.  

Here is an example for a four year old child:

Emil’s sword

Once upon a time on a very early morning, on a sunny day, grandma... and grandpa.. were taking a nice walk on the Mountain of Great Magic.

All of a sudden they heard a voice that said: “quick, quick, they’re coming, take anything you might need.”

The two grandparents were curious to find out where that voice came from, but immediately saw that it came from the bushes. There, among the bushes, was a large cave and inside it a wise and handsome old man with hair and beard white like the snow.

It was the Great Magician that, helped by his assistants, was putting some things on a large clean and shiny crystal table.

When he saw the grandparents inside the cave he asked them to come in and said: “the time has come for Emil to have his own Magic Sword, here’s all the material you’ll need to make one that’s perfect for him.”

He then gave them all the material that was lined up on the shiny crystal table: a long piece of wood that came from the Tree of Courage, a smooth stone that had been found on the Mountain of Power, some pieces of leather offered by the Good Meditating Dragon and finally a small glass phial containing Motherly Love Oil.

He their said “bring these objects to the crafty witch, she will make your grandson Emil his own personal magic sword.”

The grandparents left the cave fast and began to look for the crafty witch and, after many adventures that only they will be able to tell, they were able to find her and hand over the objects the Great Magician had given them.

The crafty witch waited for the perfect moment. When the moon was full she began working and with the Power Stone she made the Wood of Courage, smooth and lined the grip with the leather of the Good Dragon, then she shined it with Motherly Love Oil and finally, to activate the magic, she let fall a tear of tenderness on the tip of the sword that immediately became shiny and magic.

Emil received his sword and they lived happily ever after.